October 16th, 2008



I got into work about a 30-40 minutes later than i was originally intending, in part because i spent about 10-15 minutes trying to figure out that the song stuck in my head from Wumpskate was this. The music was stuck in my head pretty hard but only a couple bits of lyrics were legible(?) in my mental playback, and it turns out that "just like you" is not a very specific search term :)

I felt a little silly when i finally figured it out because it's by Covenant, the same people who did Ritual Noise, another song i really like that gets played at Wumpskate a lot, though of course i had no way of knowing that a priori (not being the kind of person who recognizes particular singers/bands very well off hand.)

Anyways, the song is cool and from what little i saw before running off to work the video is pretty cool too.

(The other big part of why i was late was cause i spent awhile looking up and downloading new video game podcasts.)
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It's been two weeks since the DSi was announced, why are people _still_ confused about whether it has two 0.3 megapixel cameras or on 0.3 and one 3.0 megapixel camera?

Also, why are so many people down on the 0.3 megapixel camera? Yes it's not great, but they make it sound like complete crap. I've got plenty of decent looking 640x480 pictures.

I found a full transcript of the debate last night, and it turns out that McCain _was_ saying some of the crazy stuff i thought he said, particularly in reference to elections having consequences. It seems like he was missing a noun or confusing his pronouns or something. I think he was saying that as senators they shouldn't be applying a litmus test to the president's choice of judges, because the presidential election has consequences. But of course that means he _wasn't_ answering the question of how he would pick which judges to nominate as president.

It's also good to see that i wasn't the only one to notice be annoyed/angry about McCain's snide remarks about womens' health.

I'm being tempted with the notion of getting a PS3. I was waiting for it to get cheaper, but it's been announced that it's as cheap as it's going to get for awhile. I was also waiting for hardware implemented backwards compatibility to get reinstated, but i apparently missed the boat on that. Not only has the hardware compatibility not been re-added, but they've now gotten rid of the software compatibility too =P I was considering waiting a bit longer to see if perhaps the trend would reverse, but i heard a very "reasonable" idea suggested on a podcast recently that with the increasing success of PSN it's quite possible that Sony doesn't want to encourage/allow people to be playing old PS2 disks on the PS3 when they could start selling the same games online very soon. This really sucks for me since me PS2 has been a little wonky recently (even aside from the not wanting to have yet another box attached to the TV) but unless i'm willing to boycott the PS3 outright there's not much i can do about it.

But what's really pushing the decision, or at least the possibility of the decision is Little Big Planet, which i keep getting more and more interested in every time they start enthusing about the beta in a podcast. And if i'm not going to wait a significant amount of time until the PS3 gets even cheaper or until the only theoretically possible but not very plausible point where backwards compatibility is put back in then perhaps i should jump in next week when LBP comes out.

Of course that reminds me that i still need to get my Wii fixed. (Especially because i want to play Boom Blocks =) If i'd just mailed it in to the repair place when it first broke i'd probably have it back by now, but i really don't know how to pack up a Wii safely for shipping, so i'm kind of nervous about that idea. But it would be a two hour round trip to deliver it myself =P Bah.

I also need to go mail off my voter registration today or tomorrow. I _know_ i filled out the form to get it updated when i got my driver's license changed to my new address, but they screwed something up somewhere because when i called up the county office a couple weeks ago to verify it they still had me at the old address. Which in the case of LA County is actually Pomona, so _really_ out of date =P