October 14th, 2008



Wumpskate was awesome, as usual. I got lots of exercise, there was an uber number of cute girls, and i did a massive amount of flirting! I smiled at a cute girl wearing a "talk nerdy to me" t-shirt and she smiled back at me!!

...yes, that's all. What? Of course that was a massive amount of flirting! This is _me_ we're talking about! =P

Anyways, my ankle seemed to be fine, though i suppose i ought to wait to see how it feels "tomorrow" before declaring the experiment a success. On the other hand, i managed to strain the tendon in my upper left thigh or something, so i toned things down for the last half hour.

However it's interesting that after taking two weeks off of rollerblading i went to Wumpskate and had a sudden magical improvement in my ability to do clockwise crossover turns! I also had some significant (though not quite magical) improvement in my ability to skate backwards. I spent about half of the last fifteen or twenty minutes skating backwards and did over a half dozen laps that way, possibly even a dozen. Of course it helped that my leg felt better when going backwards since it was stressing things differently.

Doomie had a special taco treat this time, he had three flavors of vegan tacos, beef chicken and carnitas. The beef flavored ones were _really_ yummy. Unfortunately he said he's not going to have them again next month, he was just doing them this time as a quasi-promotion for the restaurant he's opening this weekend. It's called "Doomie's Home Cookin" and apparently will have lots of vegetarian and vegan stuff. Unfortunately it's up in China town, which doesn't make it very accessible for me =P

At the end of the night the DJ offered little gift bags to the first four people to make it up off the rink to the DJ booth (perhaps as an incentive to get us out of there a little quicker than usual =) and since i was right by the ramp when she announced it i was #2 :) Let's see what's in it... some glow stick things, what looks like a glowy brecelet, a witch Pez dispenser, "Light-Up Candy Necklaces", "The Game of Life candy", some smelly candles (pumpkin flavored perhaps?) a halloween themed chocolate egg, some incense, some stickers, and a small bottle of "Samhain Oil." Plus a few random spider toys and a couple ads for the place the presumably supplied all this stuff. (www.panpipes.com) So, anyone want some "Samhain Oil" or incense? I doubt i'll use them :)

Okay, i should probably sleep now or something.


Going to the store while suffering from low blood sugar is a baaaaaaaad idea! I now have several times as much food as i could reasonably eat (according to my diet) for the next several days =P


Okay, trying to convince people to invest in online stock trading has got to be a tough sell at this point. But on top of that, having your commercials air _immediately_ after the segment of the Daily Show talking about how much the economy sucks and how crazy the Dow Jones has been is probably not helping your case :)
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