October 10th, 2008



So, the dow jones is "hovering" at about 8000 points currently, a few people are talking about the end of capitalism in the US, and international trade is starting to fail.

But look at the "bright" side! On top of everything else this has probably cinched the "worst president in the history of the US" title for Bush! I'd far rather have things done the right way (which is my way of course ;) but when some idiot insists on doing things the wrong way and you have no power to stop him then a nice "i told you so" is a good cathartic exercise before you go cry in the corner. (I'm currently looking forward to doing the same thing about global warming in a couple decades' time. I'll be pleasantly surprised if 95% or so of the worlds climatologists were proven wrong, but i'm not betting on it.)

Of course one can argue about how much control/responsibility Bush has had over the economy, but he's been the nominal leader of our country for eight years. His party has been in control of congress for most of that time. Either they didn't foresee the problem coming or they did absolutely nothing to stop it. At least i haven't heard any well documented claims from the Republican leadership about "we saw this coming and did X Y and Z to try and stop it! Obama is claiming "i told them so!" himself which, as i said above, is a good cathartic exercise for those of us who were powerless, however it's only marginally better than total failure on the part of those who actually had/have power.

So in any case, this happened at the very end of 8 years of Bush management and whether it's a direct result of his policies or not it clearly falls under the category of "on your watch."

Edit: Hey! If we can keep this up for a few more days, then we'll have managed to lose _half_ the total value of the dow jones in just a year! Exciting!
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More politics

I really think the media screwed up the handling of the VP debate. The Republicans threw a fit about the format and got it reworked because they felt that Palin wasn't a strong debater. That benefited the Republicans a lot, but did it benefit anyone else? I don't think it benefited the democrats, i don't think it benefited the media, and i certainly don't think it benefited the american people.

So why did the media agree to it? Well i certainly wasn't a part of the discussion, but i presume there was a big helping of "if you don't do it our way we'll take our ball and go home" from the Republicans.

Which makes me ask, has the media learned _nothing_ from the past couple weeks, and specifically from the first debate? Collapse )

Of course that then brings to my mind the question, could the media declare "we're going to have a debate on personal attacks, you guys can show up or not, as you wish" and get both of them to show up?

Collapse )

So would either candidate be willing to give the other an hour and a half of free air time in order to avoid some tough questions? Would airing out all the dirty laundry and trying to shine a little truth on it actually be beneficial to the process? Or would it just muddy the waters even more?

Definitely not politics

So doing some math regarding my previous post about jelly bellies. (Jelly bellys?)

Upon closer examination of the TJs receipt, it turns out they actually charged both boxes as one item, so it's actually $2 there for 5oz/142g of jelly bellies. That comes out to $6.40 a pound.

coraa reports that Costco has 4 lb containers for $15, or $3.75 a pound. So even correcting for my earlier error Costco is much cheaper than TJs (big surprise =) although the TJs boxes only have 20 different flavors, most of which i like, while the Costco containers apparently have 48 flavors, so i'd have to see how the mix compares.

Both cwendy41 and i independently got the idea of checking the Jelly Belly website. If you want individual flavors you can get them in various sized packages ranging from about $8 to $10 a pound. So definitely more expensive than either of the other options. Still, $9 a lb for a mix of Juicy Pear, Watermelon, Green Apple, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Blueberry, Wild Blackberry and Top Banana doesn't sound too bad to me :) Of course the real question is do any of the stores that sell them in bulk have them for anywhere close to that price? A small increase would certainly be worth it of course just to account for what i'd have to pay for shipping if i ordered them direct.
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Some questions are easier to answer than others

After writing that last post i decided to walk down to the Bristol Farms on the (opposite) corner of my (rather large) block since the jelly belly site told me they had jelly bellies. It turns out that their bulk candy is only $7.99 a pound, so even cheaper than the 10 lb packages from the jelly belly website! Unfortunately their selection of individual flavors was _extremely_ limited. Somewhere between a half dozen and dozen. So i got about 1.1 lbs of mostly watermelon and pear with a little buttered popcorn tossed in, just for a little variety.

Then i stopped by Subway on the way back to get some dinner. I did get a different kind of sandwich than i had for lunch though, just for a (very) little variety :)

Of course now i need to stop by some place that has a better variety to see if they can match the price of Bristol Farms.
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