October 9th, 2008

Games: Sephiroth

That doesn't sound right

I didn't realize until the Penny Arcade post that the avatars in LittleBigPlanet are called "SackPeople." That really sounds like it ought to be an insult or something. Like, "Hey Sephiroth! You're a sack person!" Though i guess that's not really something Sephiroth needs to worry about because other than Cloud no one is going to risk taunting him like that. Anyways, i generally like chibi, but the sack person aesthetic does not seem particularly appealing to me. In fact they look a little creepy, at least to judge by these examples.


"Black Cocoa Almonds" are yummy, but the dark cocoa powder they coat the things with gets all over _everything_! =P

Jelly bellies are a great snack! For just 140 calories you get to eat 35 of them! I wonder if TJs is really the most cost effective place to be buying them from though? ($4 for 3.5 servings/5 oz, and you get no choice about the flavors.)