October 7th, 2008


I am something or other

On the one hand, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, still has a fair bit of that "i'm an arrogant self-entitled prick" attitude even after he's reformed, and on the other hand i did like Dark Knight too (although i'm not going to be eager to run out and buy a copy when the DVD is released the way i'm tempted to do with Iron Man.)

However despite all that, i still find this comic very amusing :) After awhile that tragic back story thing gets old and you need a refresher or something.
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I never seem able to mix up Cobb salads effectively. But that's okay. The large clump of mushed together blue cheese and bacon bits and olives and such that i always get leftover at the bottom is almost like a dessert :)

Debate stuff

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"You're in the way of my script" Ha. And then McCain scampers away while Obama takes a single step to the side. Interesting.

Edit: Hmmm, the supposedly conservative people on CNN are reluctantly admitting that Obama won the debate, even if only by keeping it even when he's ahead in the polls. If they're saying that then i wonder what the public is thinking.

Edit Edit: Huh, i somehow missed the "that one" comment that everyone is talking about now

Edit3: Lucky for me it's already up on YouTube.