September 26th, 2008


Random lunch meanderings

I've had the veggie patty thing at subway three times this week. It's pretty good, and despite having significantly less calories than the alternatives (60 less than roast beef, 140 less than chicken bacon ranch (more calories for dinner! yay!)) you actually get a lot more of it in terms of mass than you do with meat, so it feels like you're eating more when you're actually eating less. Woot!

There is one odd thing about it though, not good, not bad, just odd. The taste always reminds me of Thanksgiving. Or Boston Market. Or both. I can't quite decide if it tastes more like stuffing or meatloaf or what. But whatever it is definitely has a contextualized taste for me.

Silly announcers

You know, i don't think "X is only minutes away" is really an appropriate thing to say 25 minutes before said event. It may be technically true, but it's also technically true a year before the event in question. It doesn't really seem accurate to me unless you're in single digit minutes.


Why does my ankle still hurt? :(

I can't go rollerblading today anyways because of the debate, but unless it gets magically better overnight i probably shouldn't go rollerblading tomorrow either, which is double depressing because i just picked up my new wrist weights from REI yesterday =/

I'm not even sure if i should go walking instead again or try to let it rest as much as possible. It didn't actually hurt while i was walking, but it doesn't actually hurt now from walking or such. It only hurts when i poke at it, or very occasionally a little bit if i twist it around in weird ways.

I've already got In-n-Out for dinner, so the plan for the rest of the evening is to watch the debate, then listen to KSPC video game music show, and then do some programming on my Acquire-clone or play Fallout or something.

And i'm not sure yet, but i think i may get to eat one cookie later in the evening :)

The debate

40 minutes in before McCain was able to mention torture (but not his own) and an hour before he was able to mention being in a war. I've lost track of the number of times he's talked about not being Miss Congeniality.

I've totally lost track of the number of outright lies and misinterpreting of statements McCain has said by this point.

Given the number of mis characterizations McCain has thrown out, i'm not sure Obama should be spending time responding to minor accusations about confusing issues on

Everywhere they've talked about it seems McCain has been there and can't resist talking about having been there =P

Huzah! Obama mentioned nuclear energy!

McCain seems really pushy about talking.

The little opinion tracker thing was interesting, but i'm not sure how much information it conveys. It seems like 90% of the time when either of them is talking all three lines (democrats, republicans and independents) go up to about +10 or 20% and stick there. Most of the remaining 10% of the time the line for the party of the person who's talking is at +10% or so and the other two are at -10% or so.

And at 1 hour and 38 minutes in and about 15 seconds before the end, McCain finally managed to specifically mention his POW experience!!!

All in all as long as one ignores things like the facts, i don't think either of them came off as significantly stronger than the other.

Edit: CNN seems to agree with what i was thinking. It was more important for Obama to be attacking McCain than refuting McCain's attacks against him, except in the case of really simple and egregious examples. The media should be doing the fact checking on what they say afterwards and calling them on any lies, unfortunately they haven't been doing such a good job of that lately.