September 25th, 2008


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I decided not to go rollerblading yesterday because my ankle was still a little sore, so i went for a walk instead. Went about 6 miles in just under two hours. I brought a book and my DS along, but ended up just listening to an audiobook the whole time.

I know why it happens, but it's rather annoying that after two hours of rollerblading i'm out of breath and generally kind of tired but my body parts are all feeling fine, but after two hours of walking my legs are tired and my feet are sore =P And walking uses up less calories too supposedly (581 vs 915.) It's just not fair =P

On the way back i stopped by Casa Playa (not counting that in the total time) and got some crunchy tacos to go, and when i got home i dissected one and weighed all the parts to try and get a better handle on the calories. Looks like my earlier estimate was significantly off. The basic calculation came up as about 230 calories, but that wasn't counting however much of that was the oil/grease it was fried in. I played around with the numbers some and decided to go for 300 calories each, which would mean 16% of the total weight of the taco was actually lard :)