September 23rd, 2008

Games: PC: StarCon2


You know how i was looking for the "perfect" site for buying music from? One that doesn't have DRM and will keep a record of what you've bought associated with your account and let you download them as many times as you want?

Well i still haven't found such a site for music, but i have found one for old PC games!!

Good Old Games just went into Beta, and i managed to sneak in just under the wire :)

It's actually even more awesome than that though. They're not just reselling old PC games, they've actually got a team of programmers rewriting them to work on XP/Vista without having to use DosBox! They're doing some kind of emulation to get them to work i think, but it's not a seperate program you need to worry about. (I've never been able to get DosBox to work effectively for me without lots of lag, and usually without sound.) In addition, along with the game you also get lots of little extras for most games. The manual, mp3s of the soundtrack, artwork and wallpaper, etc.

_And_ (so far at least) all the games are only $5.99 or $9.99 :)

At the moment they've only signed up Interplay and Codemasters to contribute games, but they're hoping if initial sales are good they can get more publishers to join. They've already got quite a few good games though. I've already spent $18 picking up Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics.

The open sign-up for the beta is closed now, but i've got one activation code i can hand out if anyone is particularly interested. First come, or shelleycat or 2gouda4u or thegreatgonz, first served i suppose :) (And actually, if there are several people really interested i think i could finagle an extra code or two.)

So here's the games they've got so far:

Collapse )

Of course eventually i'm hoping they'll get things like Master of Orions 1&2, Master of Magic, X-Com, Civs 1&2, Call to Powers 1&2, X-Wing & TIE Fighter, etc. And while we're at it, if they can cut a deal with whoever owns the SSI licenses now, stuff like Stronghold, Fantasy Empires, Spelljammer, etc. And i'd probably even go for a new copy of Star Control 2 for $6, despite the existence of the free Ur-Quan Masters port. After all, if nothing else if it got a lot of sales it might help promote the creation of a new "real" sequel to Star Control 2 :)

And of course, it would be really nice if they eventually managed to pick up Red Alert 2 ;)