September 22nd, 2008


Ouchie owie ow

The same spot on my ankle is still being ouchy. It goes away not too long after i finish rollerblading, but that starts up again the next time i go rollerblading.


1: rotating the wheels caused some subtly but significant (at least for that one spot) changes to the dynamics of the rollerblades.
2: a couple hundred miles of wear and tear has worn down the lining and/or straps so as to change the dynamics of the rollerblades.
3: for some reason i've been strapping them on in some subtly wrong manner for the past week or so.
4: i did something to hurt my ankle in that spot, and even though it feels better when i stop rollerblading it's still overly sensitive and stuff that wasn't bugging it before is making it hurt now.
5: or of course, some combination of the above.

Perhaps i should skip rollerblading on wednesday to see if giving my ankle a chance to rest makes things better. Or go for a walk instead. If i did that maybe i could play DS _and_ get exercise at the same time! :)

Anyways, 5:10 - 7:15 and 16.5 miles for today.