September 19th, 2008


image stuff

I have not had access to my camera since the whole photo meme thing started, so i haven't been able to participate. I probably will once i've got my camera to hand and remember to do so, but in the meantime, how does one post pictures in a LJ post? I'm pretty sure i've done it before, but i don't remember how =P


I really enjoy rollerblading. I like going fast, i like the pseudo-dancing, i like the eye candy, and i like the exercise. However i also regret the books i'm not reading, the games i'm not playing, the code i'm not writing, the LJ posts i'm not writing, and the other hobbies i'm falling behind on because of the time taken up by rollerblading.

Anyways, i got a slightly late start today, headed out at 5:30 and got 15 miles in, by which time the sun had set. Stupid fall =P