September 6th, 2008


That's not right

Rice Krispies new commercial, with the tag line "Childhood is calling," featuring a... 5-10? year old kid wearing giant earrings. Doesn't really scream "childhood" to me.
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Got up this morning a little before noon and was intending to go rollerblading, but it was cloudy and cool out =P I checked a couple weather sites and they said it was supposed to be sunny today, so i figured i'd wait a bit and see if it got any better. An hour later it had cleared up a little and there was some sunshine breaking through the clouds. That was a good sign i thought, so i figured i'd wait a little bit longer for things to get better. Instead by 2 it was totally overcast again =P

I decided to go out anyways, and go to the beach about 2:25, did 2 long laps and 2 short laps and headed back at 2:25 (total 11 miles.) I was cutting it short because i wanted to get back to my place and get showered before shelleycat showed up. (Well, i was almost done with my shower by the time she got here =) As i was leaving the sun was just starting to come out from behind the clouds, but it was probably just as well that i was leaving at that point anyways, since i'd neglected to bother with sunscreen what with the clouds and all :)

Two random questions that occurred to me while i was out today though. Why do so many people wear big giant ugly sunglasses that cover up half their faces? And why is it that i'm pretty fast when i'm trying to go fast, but when i slow down to "normal" speed i'm slower than most other competent rollerbladers? The second question was brought to mind by the observation that i'm never going the same speed as other cute rollerbladers, i'm always passing them by or being passed by myself =P
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Battlestar Galactica

Has anyone else who watches Battlestar Galactica noticed that the series is pretty much made out of spoilers? (Or an even better question, has anyone _not_ been clobbered over the head with it already?) Not only do they have blatant spoilers in most of the episode synopsis for the DVDs, but each episode has its own specially designed spoiler reel that they play during the opening credits. WTH? I shouldn't need to avert my eyes in order to protect myself from spoilers while watching the opening of the episode or even just trying to navigate the damn DVD menus =P
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