September 3rd, 2008


"We get a lot of email about this"

So it seems part of the reason that i was getting confusing answers for my BMR is that there are actually two different BMR formulas, and despite the fact that the newer and better one (MD Mifflin and ST St Jeor) was created "recently" in 1990, most sites that calculate it for you use the older formula (Harris and Benedict.) In order to resolve this "problem," apparently the new formula is referred to as the RMR or "Resting Metabolic Rate."

So according to the calculator on this site (which seems to be the most informative in regards to this issue that i've found so far) i had a BMR of 2042 and RMR of 1904 at 210 lbs, and at 200 lbs it's now a BMR of 1979 and RMR of 1858. The RMR figures match what i get plugging in the numbers for the equation from wikipedia, so that's good.

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In any case, it's clear that the low end of my scale should probably be somewhere between 1858 and 1979 calories (so 1918 for today is right on! =) That's a negative calorie expenditure of somewhere between 372 and 1028 calories, depending on which set of math you want to believe.

And in a totally random coincidence, patrissimo just posted a link to an article claiming that occasional binges while dieting, in particular high carb binges, are good for you. This fits rather well with my philosophy that all things should be taken in moderation, including moderation :)
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Halp me intertubes!

I've been taking a second look at Pandora recently because of shelleycat (who got hooked on it because of theinated introducing it to her at ceph's farewell party.)

My first experience with it last year (or the year before?) was that Rush does not work as a good seed, not for me anyways. shelleycat opined that this is because Rush is so iconic that you're not going to find anyone else like them. That certainly seems to be the case using the "Music Genome Project" that underlies Pandora anyways. Well it turns out that "Emerald Rose" doesn't work as a particularly good seed either. This is probably in part because they don't have bands like "Brobdingnagian Bards" on there so there's not much to build onto (and honestly i was rather surprised that they even had Emerald Rose in the first place.)

I also tried making an Uematsu and Mitsuda channel, which burned down, fell over, and _then_ sank into the swamp. Er, that is to say, it's a miracle that Pandora even has those two in its database, but that's it as far as video game music goes. (And the stuff it has for Mitsuda isn't even video game music to begin with.)

But the "Garbage - Push It" channel stayed up! It branched off into No Doubt and Evanescence first but then started picking up some new and interesting artists who i hadn't ever heard of before. (The "Ok Go" channel is, well, okay, but so far hasn't come up with anyone i'm interested in finding out more about.)

Which brings me to the actual point of this post, where is a good place for buying music online?
Requirements: DRM free mp3s, or possibly FLACs.
Really Likeaments(?): Some kind of user account system that will keep track of me and what i've bought and let me re-download any of it at any point i want.

Basically i want something like Audible because DRM aside *cough* they've got a really great system. CDBaby meets the "likeaments," but they're mainly for more obscure artists, and i need some way to get the more mainstream ones. I know Amazon meets the requirement, and i heard something about Napster switching to DRM-free files as well. Any other sites like that out there? Do any of them meet the "likeament" as well? What's the best of the bunch?
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So anyone wanna make a guess as to how many calories there are in a Casa Playa crunchy taco? I gave into temptation on the way back from the beach =P I'm guessing 300-400, but don't have any significant basis for that. I also need to figure out how many calories are in a tortilla chip (had 30 of those.) Plus salsa of course, which hopefully doesn't count for much.

I know i'm way over for the day, but it would be nice to know exactly how much. Maybe i made up for it with rollerblading. Maybe. 5:02 or 5:05 or so to 6:45, 16 miles again. It was kind of cool out being late and all, and i don't know if it was that or if my energy levels just weren't right but i didn't sweat anywhere near as much as usual, which probably isn't a great sign. As annoying and icky as it is, at least when i sweat i know i'm getting work done =P