August 30th, 2008


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1:15-3:00 on a nice sunny saturday is a _much_ better time to be rollerblading :) (with plenty of sunscreen of course.) Lots more eye candy, and i stayed at a nicely moderate temperature the whole time :)

I did one long lap and four short laps i think. I lost track a little in the middle there. It's conceivable that i could have done five short laps, but it doesn't seem particularly likely, so i'm going with four. Which makes a total of 16 miles for today :)

Now however i think i need to go dry off by getting in the shower =P

Food errors

I seem to have discovered an order that In-n-Out, or at least the In-n-Out near my place, will get wrong something like 66 or 75% of the time. I ask for a light fries, animal style, no onions, and what they almost invariable plug into the register is "FF Animal Style light GR." Normally putting a "GR" after the "Animal Style" results in negating the grilled onions that normally come with it, however transposing the "light" like that frequently, almost invariably it seems at times, results in them thinking it means "light onions." So i get a regular fries animal style with less onions than normal, but still far more than i want. I usually point this out to them in the hopes that if they have their noses rubbed in it often enough they'll stop doing it. They always offer to make a correct order which i sometimes let them do but other times say i'll just take it as it is since i don't want to deal with the wait. (And then scrape off as many onions as i can and just try to ignore the rest.) So now that they've screwed it up four or five times am i allowed to make a point of it when placing my order without being an obnoxious customer?

Of course the entire issue would go away if i would stop ordering the fries "light." The problem is part of the process of making animal style fries is putting cheese on top and sticking them in a broiler to melt the cheese. Although it doesn't happen every time, a significant percentage of the time this takes fries that were somewhat more done than average and dries them out even more, making them stick like and annoying. If they're light then the broiling doesn't hurt them any. In fact sometimes they're still a bit underdone (especially if it's one of the cases where they had to rush an order through because they did it wrong the first time) but i'd far rather have somewhat underdone fries than somewhat overdone fries.
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Can I have coffee?

I've just been reminded that "Hoodwinked" is totally awesome. In fact, i think i may need to add it to the list of movies i can have running in the background while working on other stuff. I really ought to expand that list actually. The only things on it that i can think of off the top of my head are "Fifth Element," "Knight's Tale", "Emperor's New Groove," and "Galaxy Quest."

Anyone got any suggestions? Or for that matter any movies you use for the same purpose even if they're ones you think i might not be interested in?

*currently watching "Fifth Element," synchronized with shelleycat* :)
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