August 29th, 2008



Well this is what i was afraid of. And also why i thought Sebelius or Napolitano would be good picks for the democratic VP nomination. Obama picked an old white guy and McCain responded by picking a young woman. All the PUMA people now have a ready made excuse to switch to the McCain-Palin ticket. Of course some of the PUMAs were already a lost cause, but probably at least some of them would have calmed down after another month or so. Furthermore i can see a lot of female moderates who might have originally been leading towards Obama making a perfectly reasonable decision to support McCain-Palin now. Hopefully most of the strongly feminist democrats will be put off by the fact that both McCain and Palin are pro-life.

The only bright side of the pick is the "will no one rid me of this troublesome cop" issue, but i don't really see that turning into a crippling scandal.
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