August 24th, 2008



Well everyone else was doing it! :) (I think coraa's post was the one i saw first.)

This is that perceptiony quiz.

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Not sure what to think about these results. They don't seem particularly accurate (speculating about possibilities or outcomes i can't control is one of my major pastimes! =) and for a lot of the pictures they didn't really give options for the parts i found most interesting. A lot of the time what i found interesting was the contrast between two or more different elements, so what am i supposed to put down for what i'm most drawn to?

You know, i really need a Quiz/Meme icon.

Darn it

I think i need to get a new vacuum cleaner. All the current one seems to be doing is to pick up stray pieces of cat litter near the cat pan and distribute them all over the bathroom =P
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Yay! Went rollerblading this afternoon!

Went about 9 miles along the beach in just over an hour. Except upon counting paces from the 1.75 marker to the pier i only got about 100 (although i might have been under counting at the end when i had to slow down) and on my way back i counted about 160 going from 1.75 to 1.5, so the last bit may only be about 15 or 20% of a mile instead of .25 =/ On the other hand upon double checking Moogle it says that the path i take from home to the beach is 1.1 miles (compares to the out of the way 1.2 mile path it tried to recommend =) so if i count the trip there and back as 2 miles then i can count one lap to the pier and bask as 2 miles as well, so my total mileage for today was about 11 miles.

I don't know why i bothered with sunscreen before going out though, today was totally overcast and cool and not particularly good rollerblading weather at all =P