August 22nd, 2008


Their feathers were fanned in a fiery breeze

I win at obfuscation! If not even steuard could figure out the joke until he was told that he ought to be getting the joke then clearly no one else was going to get it :)

The "expected" answers to the poll (ie expected from one or two people at best =) were:

Fifteen birds:
Where are they?
In five fir trees
What is unusual about these birds?
What funny little birds, they have no wings
What shall you do with the funny little things?
Roast 'em alive or stew 'em in a pot
(I would also have accepted "Fry them, boil them, eat them hot" or "Bake and toast them, fry and roast 'em" :)
What is the most likely reason that they will remain uncaught?
Giant eagles

(As steuard pointed out once he was clued in, that last is kind of a bonus question since it's not actually part of the song.)

Clearly if that's always the first thing the phrase "fifteen birds" makes me think of, i spent way too much time watching that movie as a kid :) And probably too much time watching/listening to it on YouTube :)

The answers that everyone did come up with though were very interesting. I was wondering if anyone who didn't get the joke would suggest eating the birds, and indeed three people did come up with that idea. It's probably not an idea that i would have come up with myself in other contexts, but i wasn't at all surprised that catbird was the first one to suggest it :) (You know, she would probably do really well in an S. M. Stirling series, especially if it was the Emberverse =) kirinn and oonh definitely came up with the most unusual ideas though :)

Edit: Grrr!! Getting stuff to indent properly in LJ is a pain!!! Anyone know how to do it properly? The "blockquote" tag i used above adds extra line breaks, and the "pre" tag that i tried before that screws up the formating =P
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