August 15th, 2008


Gee, thanks guys

I'm looking at the TV coverage of the women's all-around individual gymnastics. It says "Live" up in the corner.

I'm also looking at the NBC Olympics page which is telling me as one of the headlines who won the women's all-around individual gymnastics event.

It seems NBC's "Live" coverage isn't so live on the west coast. Shouldn't there be some kind of rule against telling us its live when it isn't? So yeah, just a warning to everyone else on this coast. Don't believe that little "Live" sign in the corner. And if you don't want to be spoiled don't look at the headlines on the web before the event is over =P (Although it's not that bad in this case since i have to go to bed anyways. I'm kind of sad about missing the floor event though =/)

Also, thunder! Lots of thunder! :) Plus a little bit of rain. Kind of odd.

Edit: Wow, lightning. Lots of lightning. Lotsa lotsa lighting!

Edit Edit: Holy crap big huge lightning!
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By the time i thought to get my camera out most of the really big lightning blots had stopped, but i did catch a couple cool ones, including one that involved some kind of fireball thing that shot across the sky. If i can figure out how to convert avi files to a format appropriate for web viewing i'll upload the cooler ones. (How does one upload stuff to YouTube anyways? And what kind of formats does it accept?)

Okay, i should really go to bed now, even though i can still hear thunder out there =P
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