August 9th, 2008



Normally the Olympics events i'm interested in are Luge, Bobsledding, Figure Skating, maybe a little Speed Skating, and Gymnastics.

Er, so i guess that would be Gymnastics this time? =P

Of course what i actually end up watching will depend entirely on what's on tv when i get home in the evenings =P

I could make a post about what i thought about the opening ceremonies, or i could just copy/paste the relevant bits from my IM conversation with shelleycat :)

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And then it was time to go to bed :)


This monday is Wumpskate! This month's theme is Ninjas.

ceph and theinated are especially encouraged to go since it will be the last chance for them to go to a goth skating event before ceph leaves town. Any friends of theirs that they wish to forward the information to are encouraged to go as well (it sounded like a couple people at the party were at least vaguely interested =)

You can find out lots more details on the website, but it is located at the "World on Wheels" skating rink at 4645 1/2 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles (behind the Bank of America.)

You can bring your own skates rather than using the rentals (which are included with admittance.) However the rules for inline skates are that the wheels have to be clear (not black) and they can't have any brakes on them. I'm not sure if there are similar rules for normal roller skates or not.

That's not regular church music!

The church across the street is having some kind of event or party. They are playing music. Loudly. Right now they are currently blasting Aqua's "Barbie Girl." Which seems like a really odd choice of music for a church social. *confused*
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