August 8th, 2008



So i haven't been privy to the details, but it seems that the 15th will be the last day Ruin will be at its current (awesome) location :( I guess the venue operators weren't happy with the turnout or something? Which makes me feel a little bit guilty since i haven't been there in over a month myself =/

So tonight is the second to last week of Ruin. Do i want to go to it, or do i want to watch the opening of the Olympics tonight and go to Ruin next week?

I haven't figured out if China's human rights record means i should be boycotting watching the Olympics or something, but it seems a little silly to me. I think the only thing low ratings would do would be to possibly reduce the income of whichever network bought the rights this time, and/or convince all the networks that the Olympics aren't worth as much and drive the bidding price down next time. Certainly i don't see what effect it would have on China at all.

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Um, dudes, when introducing the Olympic opening ceremony in _China_ you probably shouldn't use a phrase that goes something like "holding the Olympics is not a small step for them, it is a great leap."

Actually, going by some google searches it looks like "great leap" is being used to refer to this Olympics by a lot of people. However a lot of those references aren't very positive, so i'm still not sure if it was a good idea for NBC to use it in the intro, unless they were trying for some _very_ subtle criticism =P

(Guess what i'm watching? =)
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