August 7th, 2008

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I just had a brilliant idea! And by "brilliant" i mean an idea that i really should have come up with a long time ago, but is still pretty cool if i can get it to work.

I went over to nonseqmenagerie and dannonsarisa's place last night, and while we were waiting for dannonsarisa's plane to get in so i could go pick him up at the airport nonseqmenagerie and i watched several episodes of random tv shows. I was amused by her pattern of tv watching, one episode of something called "Titus" i think followed by an episode of CSI, followed by an episode of Futurama, followed by a couple episodes of Teen Titans, or something like that. While thinking about it after the fact i came to the conclusion that such behavior is highly encouraged by having a DVR. Watching an episode or so each of four or five different series would be a real pain if you had to go and switch DVDs each time.

I know several other people who have DVRs but i believe everyone else is using one of the commercial versions, and the menu system for this one stood out in its simplicity. Turns out that it was actually MythTV running on an XBox. Which, again in retrospect, caused the sudden brainstorm that hey! I have an old XBox i'm not using! Maybe i could do that too! I don't know if the one they're using is an original or 360, but some google searches seem to indicate that the original is capable of running MythTV. So now i've got a new project that i'll hopefully get started on at some point and might actually finish sometime :)

And just cause it seems like such an unlikely occurrence, there is a reason to why i have an XBox lying around :)

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If i can get this to work however i'll actually have a use for the damn thing, and the only downside will be that i didn't think of it years earlier :)
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