July 21st, 2008


Catching up on hanging out

So the friday before last jmpava, coraa, neonelephant and profgreg came over to my place to play games. coraa skipped out on the first game, a Civilization like board game (but not the board game that the PC game was based off of, or the board game that was based off the PC game =) and shelleycat showed up halfway through it. When we were done with that profgreg went off to get some lunch and the rest of us all played a game of Qwirkle. When he got back coraa dropped out again and all the rest of us played a game of Race For the Galaxy, although shelleycat and i had to team up since the game only does up to four players. We got our asses handed to us, probably at least in part because i believe we'd played one real game of it before between us =P

After that it was time to head off to see Hellboy 2, so we headed over to the local theatre. When we got there there was no one waiting in line yet for the showing we wanted to see, so coraa jmpava neonelephant shelleycat and i decided to grab some quick dinner. Unfortunately we found that the Irish pub has shut down :( So we ended up going over to the pizza place next door instead. And then only one of us actually ordered pizza, the other four of us all split a number of appetizers. After that we headed back to the theatre and met up with.... more people than i care to try to name, especially since i don't know LJ nicks for some of them. All in all i believe there were 18 of us there in our group.

So we watched Hellboy 2, and it was awesome.

Afterwards most of us went across the street to the Mimi's cafe and had some desert and drinks before everyone headed home.

Sunday was spent hanging out with shelleycat. We decided to go to the pancake house place for brunch but got there an hour or two earlier than usual and actually had to wait ten or fifteen minutes for a table!

On monday coraa, jmpava and profgreg came over to watch Fullmetal Alchemist. We ordered pizza and watched about another 10 episodes before calling it a night around 1 am. (I believe coraa said we're about three or four episodes from the end of the first season.)

Tuesday night i had dinner with coraa and jmpava at Chili's after work, and wednesday i had dinner with coraa and jmpava and neonelephant at the greekish place near work.

Thursday i went home early and crashed since coraa and jmpava already had plans for the evening. Friday i gave them a ride to the airport at 5 and figured there wasn't much point in going back to work after that since i was already over 40 hours.

Saturday i went over to shelleycat's place and saw Wanted with her and some of her family. It certainly wasn't as good as Hellboy 2, but it was still pretty awesome. If one is okay with a movie about mostly amoral super-powered assassin weavers that is. (Yes, seriously. Weavers. They have a magic loom. Look, it makes more sense in the movie. :)

Stopped by work on the way home on sunday for a few hours and then spent the rest of the evening messing around with media file formats, mainly trying to undo the breakage to Audible files that i'd created trying to fix the breakage to flv file conversion =P
Steampunk girl with backpack

Hellboy and the magical elven clockwork of doom!

So as already stated earlier, Hellboy 2 is awesome.

If you like magic clockwork then you may very well want to see it just for the opening and the golden army. You'll probably also want to see it if you like the idea of a demon that was raised by humans to become a wanna-be anti-hero. His attempts to act tough are occasionally interrupted by the necessity of saving small children and kittens from danger, although you may or may not find this redeemed by his tendency to rescue such things and then continue fighting while cradling the rescued pet or baby in one or more of his appendages.

(Clearly if Hellboy is ever presented with a sadistic choice it will be along the lines of "Let die the woman you love? Or suffer the little kittens?")

In any case, the movie avoided a lot of the cliches and plot holes usually associated with movies of this type. shelleycat and i spent quite awhile discussing it and weren't able to find a lot of problems, and even came up with explanations for several of the things that seemed like potential problems. The remaining issues were certainly not big enough to spoil our enjoyment of the movie.

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All in all my only somewhat serious complaint was that the movie felt like it spent a lot of time building towards something epic, and when the final battle did happen it _was_ pretty epic, but it was also over rather quickly. It might have been a bit more awesome if the golden army could have come into play a little earlier and gotten a little more screen time, but i'm not sure how that could have been worked into the movie.

Woot!!!!!! Books!!!

Audible just put David Weber's "By Schism Rent Asunder" up on their website, the day before it's supposed to hit shelves! (Although i also saw a physical copy of the hardback on the shelves at Barnes & Noble saturday night =)

This is double good because today is the day i get my credits for the month! *runs off to make a purchase*

Now i just need to rush through the rest of Spider Robinson's "Stardance" as quickly as possible :)

(Awww, "By Schism Rent Asunder" is only 25 hours long, i was hoping for another 30 hour book like "Off Armageddon Reef" :)
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Wanted: Matrix with less plot and more characterization

Except unlike the Matrix there aren't really any good guys. The main character starts out kind of good, but really only because he's too weak to be anything else. The first ten or so minutes of the movie are mostly devoted to showing this, using every stereotypical method to prove how "unmanly" he is.

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So anyways, if after this you've decided you don't want to see the movie because you either like rats or dislike blood, you ought to go check out this Wanted in 15 Minutes post :)