July 4th, 2008


AX day 1/day 2 interlude

Well that's what i get for peeling bits of callous off my feet.

"That" being a medium sized blood blister that exactly fills the hole left by the missing piece of callous =P In my defense, the bits i removed were dry and cracking and loose, so they would have fallen off in a day or two without my help anyways :)

Also, if i'm going to keep accumulating costumes and bits of costumes i really need to figure out a better way to organize them. Like, having a way at all. After observing the people around at AX yesterday i decided that if you want to wear an Organization 13 coat then dressing up as a specific character certainly helps, but it isn't at all necessary. So i figured i'd ware the bare minimum of my Xigbar costume without bothering with the eye patch or makeup or hairspray or hair gel. However the coat was easy enough to find, and i found the gloves (and the old eye patch which i don't need, and the new eye patch that i don't need) but i can't find the silver chain/rope things to go around my neck. I'll try looking around a little more before i leave for AX, but i guess they're not really _necessary_, especially if i'm not dressing up as a specific character anyways.