July 2nd, 2008

Games: Chrono Trigger


Well damn! Normally i try not to get worked up too much of these things until there's some kind of official verbal/written confirmation about what exactly they're teasing us for, but that's pretty damn blatant! Especially when you check the URL!

In the hopes of not getting myself worked up too much i'm going to believe that it's just a port of the original game, maybe even with some extra new content thrown in, which would still be pretty damn awesome. And hey, if the rerelease does well maybe they'll even consider a new game? Of course i say this having never actually played Chrono Cross, which i suppose i really should even though the reviews weren't exactly stellar.

In other geeky news, Anime Expo is this week and i've done absolutely nothing about costumes :( This is because A: I've been busy, B: i've been overusing the Xigbar costume, and C: Xigbar doesn't have any facial hair =P

I was having a tough time thinking up people to cosplay as before (long dark hair but not bishonen, because unfortunately i am not =/) and having a goatee makes it even more damn difficult.

The one thing i could do at the last minute is the _very_ stereotypical goth kittyboy. And this time i've even got someone who might be interested in dragging me around by a leash! At least for one day anyways :) You know, just to make it even more stereotypical :)


There's now a news article floating about, and it is a remake/rerelease.

The non-hype highlights:

-- Taking advantage of the Nintendo DS hardware, CHRONO TRIGGER makes its
way onto the portable platform with all-new dual screen presentation and
Touch-Screen functionality

-- A brand new dungeon and a Wireless Play mode adds exciting new
dimensions to this timeless classic

...is it kosher to refer to Chrono Trigger as a "timeless classic"? If there's anything that the game is lacking it's surely not time ;)
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