June 27th, 2008


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Well i didn't get too many comments in response to the post about the party, so let's see what happens if i criticize Indiana Jones ;)

So i'd heard a lot of mediocre things about the new movie before i went to see it. Despite having lowered expectations my final opinion was still very much 'meh.' Usually not expecting much helps with enjoying movies, but in this case i think perhaps it wasn't able to overcome the innate expectations of an Indiana Jones movie.

How did i 'meh' thee? Let me count the ways (with spoilers)

First of all, plain old plausibility. This was actually the least of my concerns if you can believe that.

(Also, i apologize for the poor job of organization and editing, but i'd already spent longer on this than i'd originally meant to, and finally had to give up and just hit "post.")

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Now we come to the bigger issues, the plot and look and feel of the movie.

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So all in all it was an okay action movie, but it didn't really live up to what i was expecting for an Indiana Jones movie. I'm hard pressed to say if i would rate it above or below Temple of Doom, but it's certainly not putting any pressure on Raiders or Last Crusade.
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