June 12th, 2008

Coulton - Re Your Brains

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From Coraa and Stormfeather, the When Zombies Attack meme:

You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have:

1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you.

Weapon can be real or fictional, you may assume endless ammo if applicable. Person can be real or fictional.

1: I can haz powered armor plz? :) I'm not sure if it counts as a weapon of not and it would definitely be overkill, but that's my first choice. I'd just need to make sure that it was a space-ready version or make sure to keep the air vents clear of liquefied zombie :) Well my _real_ first choice would be powered armor and a plasma cannon, but that would almost certainly count as two weapons :) If powered armor is disallowed however i'd go with a plasma rifle. (Plasma canons are a little too unwieldy to use if you don't have enhanced strength and you need to be prepared to get attacked from any angle.)

3: This one is tougher. If i wanted to do the best to guarantee my chances of surviving i'd probably pick Peter Petrelli (_after_ most of the events in the second season where he's got most of those important issues under control, or perhaps even the future version of him.) However i think i'd probably be safe enough with powered armor that i could afford to pick someone more... interesting. (Are zombie movies one of those genres where the survivors almost inevitably end up sleeping together? O=) I'd be tempted by Kaylee (so to speak) but she's not much use in a fight by herself, and although she could be of great help if the fight took place on a spaceship the only way i can imagine her really helping in the described situation would be if the powered armor broke down and i needed a repair, but that would probably be outside her field of expertise. Advent Children Tifa would certainly be useful (or Paine, or Etna =) but i think in this situation i'd probably go with Honor Harrington. She's strong (she's from a high-G world after all) and tough and can kick ass and take names, nothing ever seems faze her (at least in terms of combat) so she could probably handle zombies, and of course she's cute :) Also, being from a SF world rather than a fantasy one she wouldn't look down on me for not having innate super-human combat abilities and having to rely on powered armor instead, in fact she'd probably want a suit for herself.

Oh yeah, and with her i might get a free telepathic (and lethal) alien cat to help out in the bargain. Yay Nimitz! :)

2: This was actually the hard one. I compiled a list of about 100 songs that sounded at least vaguely combaty to me, but in the end, although i know it would lose me some (ie a lot of) coolness points, the one that i could most imagine myself fighting zombies to was the version of the "Hampster Dance" song from the "Mascot Dance" AMV :)

If the goal is supposed to be looking and sounding cool rather than personal motivation to kill zombies, well, i'd probably try to narrow down the following long list of songs a bit futher and pick one:

Collapse )

I'm sure there's some heavy metal rock type songs that would work better than all of the above, but those don't tend to be the kind of songs i keep in my usual playlists, so i can't think of what they might be right now.

Oh, and before failing to find any good "Re: Your Brains" images to retool as an icon and making up my own, i stumbled across this Re: Your Brains music video from DragonCon last year that i'd completely forgotten about. It's pretty awesome :)
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Coulton - Skullcrusher Mountain

Yay coinkydink!

I turned on the Daily Show for the first time in... a week or two i think. (Lately i've mostly either been busy in the evenings or going to sleep early.)

So the show is going along, they do the opening segment, commercial break, second segment, Jon Stewart starts talking about the new term that's been going about the news, "staycation," used to refer to people who are staying home for vacation because they can't afford to go anywhere. Then John Hodgman comes out and joins him to do a segment about it. He gets to the end and says he's going to do a song, and starts singing something about the rooms of his house to the tune of that "i've been everywhere" song from the hotel commercials. But as he's starting this Jonathan Coulton walks onstage playing the music to the song! They didn't say anything about him at all, or have him do anything else on the show, that was it. I checked the Jonathan Coulton website and there hadn't been any announcement of it ahead of time, but he did do a Twitter post after the show was first aired last night confirming that it was in fact him.

Clearly Jonathan Coulton and John Hodgeman have something going on. Possibly a nefarious plan to take over the world, i don't know :) Speaking of which, ceph, do you remember if the audiobook you have of "The Areas of My Expertise" is unabridged or not? And if not do you remember about how long it is or how many CDs it took up? They have a copy of it on Audible but it's abridged. I'd like to get it for the Jonathan Coulton bit but i don't want to get that one if there's a longer version out there somewhere.

Anyways, if i've navigated the Daily Show website and copy/pasted properly this should be the segment in question :)
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