June 4th, 2008


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I just bought 11 packages of my favorite soap from drugstore.com. At 8 bars of soap per package that comes out to 88 bars of soap.

I was originally going to get 4 packages, normally when i bought them in stores (you know, when you still _could_ buy them in stores) i would get two new packages whenever i ran out, but i figured if i was going to be paying shipping i ought to at least double my order since shipping costs don't scale neatly. However when i got to the checkout with 4 packages there was a little message saying "you only need to spend $15 more in order to get free shipping!" I looked around the site a little, but there's not really too much i need that one would normally get at a place called drugstore.com, not that i could think of offhand anyways. I noticed they had balance bars, but they didn't have the flavor i really wanted (i had a vague hope they might still have the discontinued yogurt berry flavor i really liked) and i considered getting some biore strips because those would be fairly light, but they weren't actually significantly cheaper than at a real store, and although they're fun to play with they're not worth $10 a package. The reason i was concerned about weight was because they said the free shipping offer wasn't valid with certain items or with "especially heavy" orders. But since i couldn't find anything else i almost tripled my order to 11 packages, and when i went to the checkout page it didn't have any complaints and got rid of the ~$5 of shipping.

11 packages of 28 ounces each, so 308 ounces, or 19.25 pounds. That's not totally unreasonable, but i can't imagine the person who ends up delivering the package is going to be very happy with me :)
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