June 3rd, 2008

Podcast - EndGameRadio

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Clinton won South Dakota? How the hell did that happen? Oh well, it's too little and too late to make a difference, barring a large number of superdelegates suddenly changing their minds Obama's got it wrapped up :)

Since EndgameRadio is on hiatus for a couple weeks i decided to investigate some of the other podcast options out there today. I started out with ReadMoreSciFi which seems okay based on the first four episodes. Unfortunately(?) the world of SF/Fantasy doesn't really proceed at the same pace and with the same amount of fanfare as the video game industry, so it seems like it would be hard to make a podcast about current events in that field. This one alternates reviewing a single book each in some episodes with more generalized topics in other episodes, such as "top ten favorite SF books/authors" or "favorite SF actors."

So after going through the first several of that one i decided to save the rest for later and started looking around for more podcasts like it and/or EndgameRadio, and in the process i found a couple podcast indexing sites and got a couple episodes each from several game and anime podcasts. In the latest 1UP podcast they mentioned that just about the only place where one could get Wii Fit at this point is Costco. I'd thought about that earlier, but the video game section at my local Costco has been shrinking for at least the past six months so i hadn't bothered stopping by. Their claim however galvanized me into going by there after work. I had a hot dog and sundae for dinner and then went inside to check for Wii Fit. While wandering through the hardware section i noticed that 1TB drives are getting close to $200, definitely need to pick one up when that happens. However when i got the video game section i found that there were indeed no copies of Wii Fit, and it looks like the problem is that they never had them, not that they had them and sold out. I suppose i could try going to a different Costco, but that seems like a lot of work =P

Since i was out looking anyways i stopped by Best Buy again and they were still out too. While i was there i also had the thought of stopping by the car audio section and checking out the stereos there. The cheapest stereo they had was $80, which had an aux input and a removable faceplate. Since the expensive FM transmitters there were $70-$90 and the midrange ones were $50 (if they had any cheaper ones i didn't see them there) that would probably make it worth just getting the new stereo instead, however when i asked they said that installation would be $108, ie more than the actual stereo =P I suppose i could try to install it myself, but given how i know next to nothing about cars that doesn't seem like a really bright idea =P

So just to complete my journey of fail i stopped by GameStop and they were still out of Wii Fit as well and said they hadn't actually gotten any since the initial shipment and _might_ get some next week =P