May 19th, 2008

Coulton - Skullcrusher Mountain

No one expects the spanish intermission!

A couple weeks ago ceph very kindly informed me about a show Jonathan Coulton was doing today (well, yesterday technically) at the West Hollywood House of Blues.

Shelleycat said she was interested in going to, so friday night i bought two tickets. Which took far longer than it should have because the House of Blues interface for Ticketmaster is busted if you need to update your credit card information. After trying to fix it four or five times i had to load up the Ticketmaster homepage and figure out how to update my account info there. It also doesn't help that they give you 2 or 3 minutes per page to fill in all the information before they release the tickets =P I'm also confused about their captcha check, which included two words and claimed "By entering the words in the box, you are also helping to digitize books from the Internet Archive and preserve literature that was written before the computer age." So does it check one word and just assume that if you got that one right you were probably correct about the other one?

Anyways, i got the tickets and shelleycat planned to come over to my place around 4 or 5 so we could head off to the club around 6. We were going to meet ceph there, theinated had decided not to go, at least in part i believe because the house of blues website stressed that it was a standing room only event/venue, which didn't sound like it would work very well with crutches =/

Unfortunately shelleycat got sick on saturday and was still feeling bad today, so she called and let me know she couldn't make it =/

So left to my own devices i ended up running a little late and got out of the house right after 6:30.

I was a little worried that traffic would make me late, but it wasn't too bad and i got there right after 7:30, when the doors opened. I'd earlier pondered trying to find parking elsewhere rather than pay $15 for the valet parking, but since i was running late i decided to just do the quick and easy thing, despite the fact that i _hate_ valet parking. I don't know why i dislike my car being out of my control so much =P Anyways though, there was already a pretty long line there, and it was immediately apparent that it was a very geeky crowd, including lots of cute female geeks :)

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So all in all getting delayed by the valet parking system was a pretty good thing :) By the time we were done with that they'd already retrieved my car, so i gave ceph a ride home and then headed home myself. I'd originally been planning on hitting In-n-Out for dinner on the way home, but by the time i got off the freeway it was 1am. I couldn't remember when In-n-Out closes on sunday so i decided to just skip "dinner" and get breakfast on the way to work instead, and ended up getting home about 1:30

The plan was to talk to shelleycat, then get a couple hours of sleep, then get into work early. But then i decided i should make a post before i forgot (any more of) the details, then i did some research for the post, with some periods of distraction by other random links, and here it is almost 6 am =P I guess if i'm going to go in early i might as well do it now =P

Speaking of research though i did find this page that includes a set list for the show.


Ooohhh! The third book in Lois McMaster Bujold's Sharing Knife series came out on Audible today!!! *bounce*

That makes my decision on what to get in a day or two when i get my monthly credits a bit tough though. I'd been thinking of getting Diplomatic Immunity and the fourth book in the Prince Roger series. I suppose i should delay Diplomatic Immunity since i've already read it, but the audiobook versions of the Vorkosigan saga are so good... Which isn't to say that i don't like the Sharing Knife series too, but it's not quite as enthralling as the Miles books, or the Chalion books even, so it's not just a matter of SF vs. Fantasy.

I think at least part of the problem might be that the Sharing Knife world is somewhat desolate and post-apocalyptic. The Vorkosigan and Chalion 'verses are places where things are happening and progress is being made, in the Sharing Knife 'verse they _might_ be making progress, of a kind, maybe, but the underlying fear is that they're only treading water at best.

And speaking of things to get, Wii Fit is supposed to have come out today! I thought about stopping by GameStop on the way home today to try and grab a copy, but i decided i probably ought to just go straight home and at least try to sleep given the lack of it last night. You know, instead of making silly LJ posts and such :)
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