May 17th, 2008


(no subject)

The little steering wheel controller that comes with Mario Kart Wii is a cute idea, but i at least have a _really_ hard time using it. I can't ever seem to steer properly with it and i have no luck at all getting sparks. Of course it might just be an issue of practice, i tried a total of two or three cups using it, and i think i got gold, or possibly silver, but got C or D ranks in them. Then a day or three after that i came across some website, a webcomic and/or game site i think, which mentioned that they had problems with the wheel too but the wiimote and wiichuck combo worked a lot better for them. So i tried that out and everything _worked_ again! I went through all the rest of 50cc getting gold in all of them the first time, and usually a rank of one or two starts to boot.

100cc is a lot harder though. I'm not sure how much of that is the fact that it _is_ 100cc, or that the first time through it they make you use the bikes instead of the karts. The bikes seem a lot harder to control, but again maybe it's just an issue of practice.

Also, upon checking a faq, i'm annoyed that i have to beat _four_ 150cc cups in order to unlock Daisy. I wonder if it's worth trying to do that before doing all of 100cc, at least in that one i could use the karts instead of the bikes...

Also, it's almost 8:00, why is it still bright outside?!? :)