April 19th, 2008


(no subject)

Oops. I was thinking about trying to rollerblading up to Santa Monica today, but the weather wasn't that great today, so i decided to do just a little local rollerblading in the afternoon.

However not until i started getting ready around 5 did i realize that about half the bearings on my street blades had seized up =P So i guess i get to go by the rollerskate store at some point and get some new bearings. I called and they said they're open from noon to five on sundays but i'll probably be hanging out with thaisa then. I didn't think to ask when they're open on weekdays, but hopefully if i go into work early sometime this week i can hit the place on the way home.

In other news i got the bright idea of pasting links from TVTropes that i want to check into a text file rather than opening them into a new tab immediately. I'm now down to little over 150 tabs, and Firefox is using about 1.8 gigs of memory =P That _is_ a lot of tabs, but why is it taking up about ten megs a tag? Stupid firefox =P