February 1st, 2008


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I just spent a ton of money at CDBaby :) I would have spent more but one of the Dresden CDs was listed as permanently out of stock and the other was listed as backordered, and all their Emilie Autumn albums seemed to be mp3 downloads only. I have to look around to see if i can actually get the physical CDs somewhere else and decide if that actually matters to me. On the one hand i like having physical things, on the other hand i already have more stuff cluttering up my apartment than i really need. On one hand i like having the (relatively) uncompressed original audio files available and theoretically might even start ripping stuff to FLAC, on the other hand i haven't actually started doing that yet and currently i almost exclusively listen to mp3s anyways.

In any event, here's the stuff i _did_ get :)

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