September 11th, 2007


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Legs soooore.

For some reason they were already a little sore yesterday morning. After work we had the first softball game of the season. Luckily i wasn't fielding for this game, and only made it up to bat once (and was out at first =P) Headed off to Wumpskate after that and got there about 9:45.

It was a lot less crowded than it has been the last few months. Someone suggested it might be because school's started up and people are worried about morning classes or something. I was a lot more lethargic than i prefer, but managed to get a fair bit of moderate skating in. It seems impossible for me to go really slow since i seem incapable of skating out of rhythm to the music for more than a couple seconds at a time.

Saw industrialbchic and her SO there and talked to them for a bit. I'd originally been planning to get tacos there for dinner but Doomie never showed up. They did have the usual snacks though, and had cake later to celebrate the birthday, so i had two cookies and a smallish piece of cake for dinner. (Plus a TJs fruit popsicle later when i got home.)

Got home about... 1:45 i think, and got to bed about 2:30 or 3. Slept in till 8 and just barely made it to work on time this morning.


i arr dum

This is probably about my dozenth time listening to "Talk Like A Pirate Day" and i just _now_ figured out what he meant by "when laptops are benches god gave us for wenches" =P

(That's not my my favorite version of the song but hey, it's available free online)

I've been listening to the CDs i got at DragonCon almost nonstop for the past week. For some reason i really like a lot of the drinking songs even though i don't drink much, perhaps because those are often the ones the audience gets to sing along to. About one in ten of the celtic style band songs are entirely about alcohol, not too surprising i suppose, and then of course there are songs like "Wild Kitty" and "If I Had a Million Ducats" that just mention beer or such in passing.

There's even one about cider! Or rather, about "Johnny Jump Up", which is apparently cider with a shot of whiskey.

Other things i've learned through listening to filk/folk songs. Hermione was born on September 19th and "Lily the Pink" is (obviously very loosely) based on a real person.

Some things i'm still kind of confused by though. (From "No Booze Today") "Now girls can sing and girls can dance and they can play croquet, but they can't strike a match on the seat of the pants cause they just ain't built that way"??? Huh? Assuming it's actually possible to strike a match on your pants at all (one of the strike anywhere ones presumably) why wouldn't a girl be able to do it? I'm also boggled by (from "Pagan Girl") "Back in college Mary was an AD Pi and as fine as any you have seen, but she blackballed the god and goddess if they didn't wear pink and green."

Also, why do people from New Jersey seem to hate it so much? It didn't seem to be that bad to me, but then i've only been there a couple times, and in what was presumably one of the nicer areas.
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I am silly =P

I stopped by Rite Aid on the way home, cause they seem to be just about the only ones in the area who carry Jergen's soap.

In doing so however i noticed that the Marukai Market is in the same lot. I'd never been there before, in fact it may be somewhat newish, so i decided to go check it out. And ended up spending $20 mostly on snacks and candy =P I was a little sad that they had mixed fruit jellies but not plain lychee jellies.