August 2nd, 2007


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I'm sure most people haven't been following this, but for awhile now Italy has been suing the Getty over about 50 pieces of art that they claim are stolen and want returned. They just reached a settlement which involves returning most of the items, including a 5th century BC statue of Aphrodite, but are still wrangling over one of the pieces, the 3rd century BC "Getty Bronze," aka the "Victorious Youth."

However someone questioned why the Getty was returning greek artifacts to italy, so i was looking through wiki about the two named items. The Aphrodite one they are returning is from a Greek settlement on Sicily, so that one's a bit tricky. However the "Victorious Youth" article above says that it was reclaimed from a shipwreck, probably of a Roman vessel returning home with looted goods.

So Italy is pissed that the Getty is unjustly stealing what they rightfully looted :)
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Help me lazyweb!!!

Does anyone know of any programs that can add and edit frames for ID3v2 tags in mp3 files? The latest version of Audacity looks like it might let you do it but i haven't found a way to save the tag without re-exporting the entire file.

I have recently learned that you can make an mp3 into a "bookmarkable" mp3 by adding a "PCST" frame to its ID3 tag. This means that if you're playing it on a mp3 player with bookmark support that can read ID3v2 tags it will remember your place in that mp3, even if you switch to another file and then back again. "PCST" is an abbreviation of Podcast which is what the feature was originally meant for, but it's also a great for audiobooks. Audible files have this behaviour by default on Audible-ready players which is the main reason why i still use the Audible format.
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