August 1st, 2007



I was in a hurry last night when heading out of work and left sitting on my desk one can of Monster that was between 1/10th and 1/4th full, and one can of Diet Coke, which was between 1/4th and 1/2th full. I figured that i'd just finish them off when i got in this morning, however when i got in i found that the cans are nowhere to be seen. It wouldn't surprise me if the cleaning people had gotten rid of them _except_ that on many other occasions i've left empty cans on my desk overnight and nothing has happened to them. *grrrrr*

It's not so much the missing drinks themselves that's annoying though as it is people messing with my stuff. Well, getting more diet coke is easy, but i don't want to open another can of Monster at this point in the morning. =P
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The first line of the opening to Evangelion is usually translated in the subtitles as "Like a cruel angel..." Every time i see that i can't help but mentally follow it up with "StateFarm is there!"

Yay! The insect bite^W^W spider bite^W^W flesh eating bacteria sore^W^W^W^W wound from an invading fleet of very small aliens^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W impact crater from the remains of the Tunguska singularity just before it finished evaporating through Hawking radiation is almost completely healed! :)

In order to celebrate i hit myself in the face with a softball. Last season i managed to make a poor attempt at catching a ball and had it bounce off my glove and right into my face. Last night at the last game of this season (which we _almost_ managed to win!) i made a poor attempt at hitting a ball and had it bounce off the bad and right into my face. Luckily i managed to "aim" it at my cheek and miss my eyes nose and mouth. Despite that the next time i was up at bat the catcher jokingly told the pitcher that she should be able to get me out since i had a bad eye. At least i presume this was in reference to my hitting myself in the face rather than my inability to judge a ball from a strike since she then immediately asked me if i was alright :)

After the game we had pizza to celebrate the end of the season, after that i went home and chatted with people on IM and spent about three hours writing emails to several cute girls, which is much longer than it should have taken =P
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