July 21st, 2007


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I wish there i had someone to go wait in line with for the new Harry Potter book. I'm not _that_ anxious to read the book (though i probably will end up getting a copy this weekend just so i can get through it before the spoilers become unavoidable) but it would be fun to participate in the geekery. However not so much fun that it's worth going and waiting by myself for who knows how long in the disorganized mob outside the nearest Barnes & Noble.
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Bad cat!

Very bad cat!

Worst hotkey idea EVER!

Take every single window and tile them all across the desktop!


Bad microsoft!

*starts resizing all his windows to the proper dimensions again*
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Went and got dinner at Vince's yesterday with ceph and theinated and jmpava and coraa and thumbie, then we went to the mall to meet up with shamiksan and see Ratatouille. Rattatoullie. Ratatoullie. The Pixar cooking rat movie. ...er, the Pixar movie about a rat who cooks.

ANYWAYS, went to see movie. The short version is that i thought it was pretty good. I'm not sure if i think it was quite as good as everyone else seems to think, but oh well. The animation was certainly more realistic, but that doesn't count for a great deal in my book in the long run. The girl was certainly very cute, but that seems like an unfair basis on which to judge the movie :)

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Now i'm contemplating if maybe i should go to bed early. I'm thinking of getting the new Harry Potter book tomorrow, but they're also doing Cyberpunk night tomorrow at Malediction. Maybe if i get lots of sleep tonight i could go to Malediction tomorrow _and_ stay up all night reading Harry Potter... :)