July 18th, 2007


Analysis Paralysis

I hate having to decide on major or even semi-major new purchases. I'll do some research, find lots of options, and never be convinced that i've actually done enough research to actually make a good decision. I'll look at the cheap version, then think "for just a little bit more i could get the slightly better version that has a feature i want" and keep repeating that until i've worked myself up to one of the expensive versions and then go "but that's lots of money, and i'm not sure i need all these features," and sometimes the expensive version will be missing something i wanted that one of the cheaper versions had, so then i cycle back around to the beginning.

So i'm still trying to figure out the cellphone vs. PDA vs. smartphone thing.

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So i guess the main question (other than deciding which way i fall on the costs/benefits of combined functionality) is exactly how cool and useful would it be to have a portable video player? $100 of cool? $200 of cool? If i can answer that question i can at least reduce the problem down to one particular smartphone vs. one cellphone and one particular PDA.

I don't suppose anyone has any brilliant suggestions to make? Or happen to know of any cool devices that i've overlooked which might help solve my dilemma?
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Interesting. Moogle will no longer allow you to swim to France. However you _can_ swim to Brazil now.

So has anyone in the know happened to have heard what prompted the change? Neonelephant suggested it might be to show of their new road network in Brazil (presuming that's new) however it seems a little odd. Why remove the route to France in that case? For that matter does anyone know _why_ the route to France got added in the first place?
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In the new Super Smash Bros. game Samus will have a move that causes her to take off her clothes and pull out a whip.

Okay, not _all_ her clothes, but still. Not that the taking her clothes off thing is remotely new, but the _whip_ part certainly is! :) At least as far as i remember anyways. Has that actually shown up in any of the games that i either haven't played (some of the GameBoy ones particularly) or am just forgetting about?

(And here's the original source for the news for anyone who cares wasn't already aware of it.)