July 3rd, 2007


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WTF? When i decided to just go to bed without setting an alarm to see when i'd wake up on my own i wasn't expecting 9:15 to be the result! Actually it wasn't entirely at home, my cat was starting to play with stuff in a noisy manner because she was out of food, but she hadn't even gotten around to pawing at my face yet =P I got up and gave her food but now i'm wide awake and won't be able to get back to sleep without putting in more effort than i'd really like.

Well, i guess it's too late to get into work now anyways though, guess i'll have to take the vacation day afte all. Yay! Got lots of stuff i should be doing :)

Speaking of which, anyone have any good suggestions for websites that are good for hosting large numbers of pictures that are free or reasonably priced and have a decent UI?
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