July 2nd, 2007


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I can't decide if i want to go see Transformers at AX today or not. Or rather i can't decide if i want to do that more, or if i want to spend the last day actually buying stuff on the exhibition floor and taking a few last pictures and such.

The theatre is big, 3051 seats according to the convention center's website, but it could still easily fill up if the response is actually as strong as was indicated at the Masquerade when the MCs asked how many people were planning on going to the movie. The movie is at 1, so the line might very well start forming at 11 or 10, and the exhibition hall doesn't open until 10 and closes at 3...

If other people i know are going to the movie i definitely want to go. If they aren't, well, there have been a lot of other movies i wanted to see in theatres but not been able to get a group together for and as such have missed out on them completely until they're out on DVD. (And i haven't had much luck getting people together for DVDs either, so...) Going with a whole lot of con attendees isn't as good as going with my friends, but it's certainly a far cry better than going by myself since i feel significantly more social connection to fellow con goers than to a bunch of generic strangers at a normal movie theatre.

Edit: It's currently at 67% on RottenTomatoes, which is better than i had been fearing. Looks like the bad reviews are "this movie has an incoherent and sucky plot" and the medium to good reviews are either "no one but fanboys will like it" or "OMG! Giant robots! Explosions and stuff! Who cares if the plot sucks?"

The most amusing one to date is "Has Hell actually frozen over? Are pigs now taking to the sky? I only ask because Michael Bay has achieved the unthinkable: he's directed a crushingly entertaining movie." :) Which is a little unfair because i liked "The Rock," but between then and now he's also directed Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and Bad Boys 1 & 2 =P

So it looks like i am sufficiently forewarned to be able to actually enjoy the movie if i do go :)
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The Transformers movie plot is pretty simplistic, but even so there are a fair number of holes in it. It is also a complete re-imaging of the series, the backstory is different and other than Optimus none of the transformers look much like their old cartoon selves.

However if you know that the plot will be mediocre and that the story and characters will be different and thus don't expect to see much more than giant robots kicking ass and taking names, AND you are a transformers fanboi and you go to see the movie with about two or three thousand other screaming (literally) fanbois and fangrrls then it is a fucking AWESOME movie!

Unfortunately i can't really help anyone else out with point three, but at least points one and two have hopefully been dealt with now :)
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