June 15th, 2007



Aren't they supposed to give me a little more notice about these things? I just checked my mail and found a jury summons for Monday. This upcoming monday. Three days from now!

I did get a summons about two months ago telling me to show up to a courthouse in Pomona for the last week of May. However since that was about 50 miles away i called them up and they agreed that i ought to be transfered elsewhere, and that was the last of it i heard until just now. I just emailed my bosses at work, but they're not likely to see the email till monday. Bah, this sucks =P Maybe i'll get lucky and not even get asked to show up, i'm supposed to call them sunday night to find out if my group has been chosen or not.
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Costuming stuff

Okay, two weeks until Anime Expo, and next weekend i'm planning on going to ABL. That means that if i'm going to do anything to update my Xigbar costume i need to start in on it this weekend. If necessary i could reuse the old costume without any changes, but it would be _nice_ if i could make some improvements.

Coraa kindly pointed me towards some cool material called "wonderflex" which seems like it would work well for making some gunblades that don't start falling apart immediately. Trying to order some online would be pushing it at this point, but apparently there's a store in North Hollywood where you can buy it, so i just need to make a trip up there.

Also, while i was at BayCon i ran into someone who was wearing a _perfect_ Organization 13 jacket, actually someone else noticed them and i heard the exclamations and joined the conversation :) She told us which store she got it at, i _think_ it might have been a costuming store, but i'm not sure, but since it was a SF area store i didn't pay much attention to that part because i didn't think it would be important, what did seem important was that the name of the company that made it was "Charades." Unfortunately my internet skillz are failing at trying to dig up any specific information about the company or where i might best find their products around here. Anyone else ever happened to have heard of them before? (Unlikely i know.) Or does anyone know of any good costume shops in the LA area i could go to that would carry things like full length pleather jackets? (Hopefully slightly more likely.) Of course if i can find a matching coat i'll also have to find some spare bits of pleather to make a hood, put perhaps which ever store i theoretically find success at will have some suggestions for that.

Other chores for the weekend include possible going by a sprint store and looking at new phones and getting them to print out my phone number list. And perhaps right now i should look into getting some food.
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