June 13th, 2007



You know how every so often i mention that i need to get a new phone? Well i really need to get a new phone. I opened my phone this morning to check the time on my way into the office and found that the LCD screen has decided to turn itself into a piece of modern art.

As far as i can tell it still works, although no one has actually tried calling it yet. I just won't be able to see who's calling, or what number i'm dialing, or what time it is, or anything at all like that. I could try dialing out but i'd have to be very careful about dialing the number, and unfortunately most of the numbers i'd want to call are known only to my cellphone :) Ironically this morning in the (not hot) shower i was just thinking that i ought to write down all the numbers i've got to make things easier when i do decide to get a new phone. Apparently my psychic warnings of impending disaster are running a bit behind :)

The iPhone actually looks pretty cool, but i don't really want to wait that long to get one, and i don't really want to pay $500(?) for a phone either, or have to bother with switching phone companies. Too bad they don't have an iPhone with no webbrowser and no email and no mp3 player, and maybe a black and white screen if that would make it any cheaper. As i've said before (repeatedly, in many forums) all i really want is a phone that has a touchscreen keyboard rather than a full physical mini-keyboard and the ability to swap text files back and forth between my PC and let me edit them on the phone. Really basic stone age PDA stuff. Unfortunately there apparently aren't enough geeks with moderate desires to demand the filling of that niche market =P
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Well due to a sneaky person i seem to be getting lots of well-wishing and such, which i appreciate, thanks :)

However if anyone wants to do something _really_ nice for me, you should respond to this with either a question that you normally wouldn't ask me, or a comment you normally wouldn't tell me. I can't necessarily promise an answer to every question, but i can at least promise no recriminations no matter what questions are asked or what comments are made.

Screening is on, IP logging is off, leave anonymous comments if you want, though that does slightly decrease your odds of getting a response if it's a question. So come on and assuage my kitty-like curiosity :)

Edit: I am going to assume that people do not want their questions or comments being visible to others. If you don't care then say so in your response.
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Well today just sucked.

There was the email about the lunch thing (okay, that was at 11:30 yesterday, but same 24 hours) then there was no hot water this morning, then i was running late to work (and did make it in on time, but someone stole my usual chair =) and then i found out that my cellphone had committed seppuku.

After that it seemed that things were looking up again, but then everyone got eaten by zombies.

So yeah, not such a good day, now excuse me while i go find a mall (with food and guns) to lock myself inside of :)
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