May 10th, 2007


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Left work about 5:30 yesterday so i could stop at one of the two pet stores between here and home that actually sells the Evo stuff. Thank you akiko and maggiedacatt for suggesting it!

So there was that article one of you showed me saying that you should gradually introduce new food to cats by slowly mixing more and more of the new stuff into the old. (It also recomended changing food types every three months or so, which i don't do =/) However there wasn't really much old food left, enough for about one day's feeding. Rather than just mix it up for the remaining day or two i left the old food in one side of the double bowl and put the new food in the other. This morning i got up and the old food was still sitting there but the new food was practically gone. So much for gradually acclimatizing her :)

So after getting home with the food i called up shamiksan since i had some money ceph had given me to give to him for "pet food." (Must be the theme of the week.) Since he hadn't had dinner yet we ended up meeting at Casa Playa and having dinner there together. Yay for socializing! Afterwards i came home, played with meez for awhile, then stayed up awhile talking to nonseqmenagerie and got to bed a little after midnight.

I got up somewhat early this morning, but then got distracted finishing up Sharon Shinn's "Dark Moon Defender," which i think is probably the best book of the series so far, though it's possible i'm just easy to please when it comes to romantic subplots :) It's interesting that one or two of the key elements of this book were indicated back in "Mystic and Rider." I kind of figured at the time that they'd be popping up again at some point in the future, but i wonder if she actually knew where they were leading at the time, or if she was just laying generic groundwork and figured she'd decide how best to apply it later?