April 24th, 2007


Bedtime stories

The last two nights i've been shivering cold when i went to bed so i've been using my second comforter. But then by the time i wake up in the morning it's hot and i'm incredibly sweaty. Ewwww

This process was interrupted last night around 3 am when i was awakened by the rumbling noise and vibration from the cascade of about a dozen books, a few stuffed animals, and one rather ruffled cat tumbling off the top shelf of the bookshelves and down onto my bed. Luckily for my cat the top of my bookshelves is only about four feet high. Luckily for me i sleep on the other side of the bed. If i'm ever lucky enough to be sharing my bed with anyone else however i should probably keep that in mind and be sure to sacrifice myself to the side under interdiction for threat of avalanche.

In other non-bed related news i've now officially signed up for BayCon and DragonCon, or at least i will be once the organizers open and register the forms that are already in the mail. I've got the hotel room angle for DragonCon already worked out thanks to kirinn and akiko but still need to figure out the flight. I haven't looked into the hotel for BayCon yet, and i was planning on just driving up there. However zellandyne is trying to convince me that flying would actually be cheaper, so i need to look into that as well. I still haven't decided what to do about a hotel room for AnimeExpo yet. Having a room there is really convenient, but it's also rather expensive for a place within driving distance. And the actual AX block rooms have already been taken, so i wouldn't be getting the advantage of getting tickets for the AMV competition.
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