February 28th, 2007



Does anyone happen to know of any good programs for shrinking/enlarging images? I tried Paint, but its "stretch/scale" function ends up garbling really large images if you shrink them too much (ie down to 100x100 LJ icon size) and Picasa and the image editor that came with my camera (z-something?) don't seem to have a scale option at all, at least not that i can find.

So far the best way i've found to deal with it is open up the image in something that will visually scale the image (Picasa and the other thing) and shrink it down a lot, take a screen shot, and paste it into Paint. Repeat if necessary. It gets reasonably good results but its a pain in the ass to do. Clearly the scaling algorithm for Paint just sucks.

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I need to start exercising again. I need to get my "street" rollerblades fixed or get new ones. It would be nice to take them down to some repair place and actually get the ankle bands replaced if it wouldn't be hideously expensive. However searching for "inline-skate repairs," which is an actual category on Moogle, doesn't turn up much. I checked the webpages of the few places that are listed and they don't say anything about repairs there. I should call them up and check. If i can't find a place to actually get them fixed i need to improvise some kind of ankle strap. Maybe i can find something vaguely appropriate at REI and super glue or epoxy it on.

Until i do that i need to figure out some alternate way to get exercise. Walking to the village to get dinner is good, i should do that more often. I did some situps and pushups yesterday morning, then did some more yesterday evening. This morning however situps were okay, but tried to do some pushups and my arms just failed to work, which is kind of pathetic =P
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