September 21st, 2006


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Through total chance i have been reminded by a random okcupid profile that Baraka is a great "movie." Not only because it has so many things in it that are beautiful or interesting or both, (along with some that are depressing or disturbing towards the end) but because it was the source for a lot of, if not all of, the non-rendered movie clips in the game Alpha Centauri.

It does remind me however of my desire to be independently wealthy so that i could quit my job and just start walking. No goal in mind, just walking in a direction and see what happens. Not that i could reach anywhere similar to a lot of the places they're depicting, but there must be plenty of things equally intriguing within an unreasonable walking distance of here, and of course if i was independently wealthy it's not like i couldn't afford to hop across to different regions as well.

Too bad that's not ever likely to happen =/
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