August 26th, 2006


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Hmmm, looks like i probably won't get to go climbing this weekend, unless i go on my own and just stick to the short bouldering wall that is. I'm definitely going to go to Malediction on sunday though since i so far have no reason to get up early that morning. I should get some other kind of exercise though, probably rollerblading or possible swimming. I still haven't actually used the pool at this apartment yet =P


I tried swapping out the wheels on my cheap-new rollerblades with the ones from my old blades. Unfortunately the new wheels have little spacers that fit inside the axel hole and keep the wheels up firm against the sides. The holes in the old wheels are too small to fit she spacers in. It fits the screws perfectly well but they then have about a quarter inch to slide back and forth once i put them in the rollerblades. I guess i just need to give up and either buy new wheels or return these blades to target and get a different pair.