July 31st, 2006


yay climbing

We met up about noon this time and were at the gym till... three or four i think. There were just three of us this time so we started out going in rotation till i got too tired to do the big wall. I started out on the 5.6 i tried at the end of last time and actually made it up to the top. Then i tried a 5.7 which they said was pretty easy and made it up fine. Then did a couple more 5.6s, but on the second or third one i i ran into a gap that i couldn't make it past because my arms weren't strong enough anymore to hold me up while i tried to get my feet up to the next set of grips.

After that i tried the shorter wall a couple times, i found one set of V0s that i could actually make it up to the top with, though coming back down was kind of scary. I'm sure i wouldn't hurt myself if i just dropped from the top, but i don't really want to try it =P I still can't make it up the V0 set of yellows that i was trying last week, at least not after doing several of the big climbs, but if i cheated and used both the yellow and the green i could do it.

The muscles in my upper left arm are rather sore, and i managed to bang my left knee into one of the grips on the short wall, but other than that i don't feel particularly sore =/

We did dinner after that and hung around talking for awhile and i ended up getting home about 8. I vaguely considered going to Malediction since i was still feeling rather bouncy, but i decided to listen to the advice of everyone who suggested that that might be a stupid idea :) Of course then i ended up staying up till 1am talking to people on IM anyways, so it wouldn't have made _that_ much difference if i'd gone clubbing :)
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Did i mention that my upper left arm hurts? Wow that hurts. It probably shouldn't be slightly swollen and painful to the touch huh? I wonder if i managed to lightly sprain it or something dumb like that =P

It doesn't really hurt especially bad, it's just not quite sore in the way i'm normally used to. Normally i expect a kind of low-grade ache all over, especially when i move, not mostly okay except for when i actually poke at it.
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