April 16th, 2006


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Plans for today:

Get tax forms (if possible)
Do taxes (with or without forms)
Stock up on easter candy (especially peeps (last year i had a hard time finding peeps (or much of anything else (most places i tried on monday didn't even have any easter candy at all, i wonder if it's possible to get good deals this afternoon?)) at the ultra-cheap after easter sales))
Do laundry
Answer a whole bunch of LJ posts that i've been meaning to but not gotten around to yet
Call parents
Buy DVDs (Witch Hunter Robin, Coupling, The Shadow, and whichever Miyazaki ones it is that i'm still missing)
Overuse parentheses (check =)
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I think dumping my entire last paycheck into 401k really helped me out on taxes. If i've done my math right i should be getting back a little over $800 from federal, and i think this is the first time _ever_ that i'll be getting money back from CA after a full year's worth of employment (about $150)

That more than makes up for the $350 or so i've spent today on anime, video game soundtracks, and various other DVDs :)

Unfortunately neither of the two post offices i stopped by had the forms so i've been doing this all online (well, off of forms i downloaded from online anyways,) so i either need to take the pdfs to work tomorrow and print them out or i need to get forms on the way to work or at lunch and quickly transfer the info over and mail them off.


OMG! I have a fluorescent purple tongue!

Okay, i should stop eating peeps and go to bed now *bounce* :)

Got everything on my list for today done (at least in part) yay me.
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