March 31st, 2006



There's been an incessant beeping at the apartment for the past three days. At first i thought it was something inside the apartment, then i thought it was something out on the balcony, yesterday i finally figure out that it was from an electrical panel/fuse box on the building across from ours and that it was just really loud. I don't know _why_ it's beeping, the door was hanging open but other than that it seemed fine. I didn't want to try playing around with it though since i didn't know what the problem was, so i just filed a maintenance request online. Hopefully they'll fix it soon. It's not that annoying most of the time, but it takes me a couple minutes to filter it out when i'm trying to go to sleep.

I needed to do some laundry for today and instead of being smart and doing it last night i was lazy and did it this morning. Unfortunately i didn't get started till 8 or 8:15 and i put in a larger load than i probably should have so that by the time i needed to leave for work they were still damp, including the clothes i needed for today =P Ewww, hopefully they'll dry out pretty soon.