January 31st, 2006


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I've figured out a 100% surefire way to totally lock up IE!

All you have to do is write a WMI Instance/Method provider, make a mof file implementing a dynamic class that will be handled by that provider (and "compile" it with mofcomp of course,) put a breakpoint in the provider's GetObjectAsync function, open CIM Studio (which runs in IE) and navigate to the class, view the list of instances, click one one of those instances to bring up a view, and then stop debugging when the breakpoint gets hit. The IE window that CIM Studio was open in will be completly frozen. Can't move it, can't minimize it, can't close it, and clicking on it in the task bar just makes windows beep at you. Other IE windows will be unaffected, right up until you have to kill the stuck IE window in the task manager to get it to go away, at which point all IE windows will get shut down :) Now wasn't that simple? =P
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