January 23rd, 2006



Yay wind! So is this the Santa Ana's or is that something else? In any case it's cool :)

Edit: Wow, if i'm not mistaken you can actually hear the wind outside the office when there's no traffic going by :) It's not quite loud enough to call "howling" but it's the same type of noise.

Bringing ultra-violet bullets to a werewolf fight

Went to see Underworld Evolution with madduckdes last night, and _i_ thought it was pretty good for a vampires beat up werewolves (and vice versa) movie :)

My biggest complaint is the frickin marketers who seem convinced that if you're interested in an actiony vampire and werewolf movie then of _course_ you must also be interested in zombie/ghost horror movies *hides from trailers* Although it was interesting that i'd somehow missed until now that a Silent Hill movie was being made. The only trailer that looked interesting to me was for a movie called "UltraViolet." The plot was "experiments in genetic modification have caused an outbreak of action scenes which must be combated by the cute protagonist." Well, something like that anyways :) But it sounds like it has possibilities to me :)

The only non-spoilery thing i want to say about the movie is that they seem to have changed their history around a bit since the first movie. Not a huge deal but something you have to be willing to accept.

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But anyways i thought it was fun, and if there's anyone else in the area interested in going to see it i wouldn't mind tagging along again :)
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